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Birth Doula

As your Birth Doula, I am here to help, to encourage you, to be your advocate, to be on your side and by your side throughout your labour and birth. I want to encourage you to believe in your body and to empower you with the knowledge that you can birth your baby. I will support you in your choices however you choose to birth your baby. I am here for you and your partner, to be a shoulder to lean on throughout the journey of labour and birth.

Birth Experience

So far I have completed nine births, and all have been in local hospitals. All births were natural delivery's although the mums needed some help in beginning labour ie. using a pessary for induction / sweeping of membranes. I have experienced helping a mum with Group B strep and SPD.

Birth Services

The fee includes:

- two antenatal visits.
- to be with you in your labour, for as long as it lasts, until your baby is born and you are all happily settled.
- one postnatal visit to de-brief the birth and help with any initial concerns.
- I will be available for you 2 weeks prior, and 2 weeks after, your due date.
- you can call me at anytime for a chat on the phone / email about any issues of concern from the first visit until the last visit.

Home · Birth Doula · Postnatal Doula · Fees · Contact Me